Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery Limited was established primarily to provide affordable solutions to "Lifestyle Blockers" and horticulturists seeking to buy quality agricultural machinery at a reasonable price.

We at Lifestyle Tractors & Machinery are very pleased to confirm that we have sourced a new manufacturer of our tractors. We are extremely happy with the quality and design of the new tractors and note that these tractors are covered by a two year warranty, which is twice that of any warranty offered by any other Chinese manufacturer. This clearly demonstrates the confidence held by the manufacturer in their tractors.

We are also very pleased to confirm that we have devised a new approach to warranty cover for our customers, which provides a satisfactory level of cover for our customers and also allows us to considerably reduce the price of our tractors. We refer to this warranty as an "Importers Warranty", which means that the warranty is provided to the customer directly from the manufacturer, with Lifestyle Tractors acting as an agent for the customer in ensuring that warranty issues are adequately addressed. Under this approach, the customer is essentially provided with the same level of cover but we do not have to set aside funds to cover possible warranty claims and are able to pass on these savings to our customers in the form of reduced pricing. We genuinely believe this to be a win, win situation.

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