Diesel Blower Heaters


An industrial diesel powered blower heater, which is ideal for warming a large area, such as a marquee or open area where a large volume of heat is required.  This heater is also ideal for use in building construction for the fast drying of damp framing timber and for lifting temperatures to speed drying times for paint, plaster, glues and sealants.  

This heater's clean burning technology and diesel economy allow it to operate for up to 14 hours on a single tank, and it has been designed especially to keep operation noise to an absolute minimum.  Plug the heater into a standard three pin plug power point and turn the thermostat to the desired heat setting and the burner starts automatically  and will continue operation until it reaches the preset heat setting, automatically turning itself off and on as required to maintain the temperature.  A truly powerful, versatile and economical heater that is a must for anyone wanting to heat a large area in a hurry.


30 Kilowatt

Model: BG-DH50A
Heating output: 30 kW
Btu/h : 105,000
Kcal/h : 25,800
PSI : 13.77
Fuel consumption : 2.2L/h
Air output : 720m³/h
Fuel tank capacity : 45 litres
Weight : 22.5kgs
Dimensions : 858 x 385 x 595 (mm) (LxWxH)
PRICE: $795.00 GST inclusive

50 Kilowatt

Model: BG-DH50A
Heating output : 50 kW
Btu/h : 175,000
Kcal/h : 44,100
PSI : 13.05
Fuel consumption : 4.2L/h
Air output : 1,100m³/h
Fuel tank capacity : 58 litres
Weight : 32.5kgs
Dimensions : 1,005 x 428 x 641 (mm) (LxWxH)
PRICE: $895.00 GST inclusive

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