We are looking for dealers throughout New Zealand to sell Tuatara UTVs.

The TUATARA UTV is an ultra terrain vehicle that is designed specifically for New Zealand conditions.  It has unique qualities that sets it apart from other ATVs and UTVs which serves to make it an ideal choice for farmers, hunters, commercial operators and recreational users.  As a consequence, there is huge potential for sales throughout New Zealand.  In order to meet this potential, we are seeking to set up dealerships throughout the Country to sell and service these unique vehicles to maximise sales within New Zealand.  There will also be the opportunity to sell TUATARA accessories and tow-behind machinery, including trailers, fertiliser spreaders, spray equipment, and mowers.  There is the opportunity to make significant profits from the sale of the TUATARA and associated equipment as well as from the servicing of this machinery.

Dealers will be expected to have a suitable premises, have the prerequisite experience with the repair and servicing of this type of machinery, and be in a position to purchase / finance the necessay stock to satisfactorily operate a TUATARA Dealership.  Suitable operators will be provided with an exclusive "dealer territory."

If you believe that you can meet these requirements, or would like to discuss the proposal, please feel free to email an enquiry to or telephone directly to 03-347-4956